This is a general map of Space as it is known in 2407 - this map was last updated by Garry, Decemter 8, 2016. The full file is 9988x9935. It is scaled 4 pixels to 1 light year. (Obviously objects are not shown to scale.} The full sized map is here.


Garry's Trek Map 2407

I have been interpreting this map so that

  • The top of the page (North) is Rimward,
  • The bottom, (South) is Coreward,
  • The right hand side (East) is Spinward and
  • The left, (West) is Anti-Spinward.

This Map is accompanied by this next one which shows the relative size of Known space (The Red Blob) in the Galaxy.

Galaxy Map-known space

Garry's Large Scale Map

It's probably easier to do close in Maps of specific Game Zones - I'll get to work on that Real soon now. (Note: Oz and Kolgari maps are in the works.)

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