Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Starbase 600 game, no mentions as of yet.

Number of Members: Billions, entire planets full of them.

Nature of Members: Humanoids averaging 1.78 meters tall. Of medium to light builds. Skin coloration is usually light cream to nearly white. Hair from a white to nearly black, a medium gray is the most common color. Females have a larger than average mammalian development. They are popular as courtesans and concubines.

Organization: Typical Imperial heartless bureaucracy

Game Role: Second string Trantorian race.

World Role: That life thing happening.

Relative Influence: Major, they are the second most populous race in the Trantorian Empire. A quarter of the First Peers are Toda.

Public or Secret?: Very public

Publicly Stated Goal: Out Anglish the Anglish.

Relative Wealth: The Toda are the second richest people in the Empire. 1% of those still hold most of the wealth they hold.

Group advantages: Favored race. The Toda come the closest to being true first class citizens in the Empire. It is conceivable that one could sit the Imperial throne.

Group disadvantages: Thoroughly mired in the Empire they are not likely to look beyond it.

Those who favor them: Anglish, anyone trying to use them to get a hand up.

Those opposed to them: Anyone they are currently oppressing.

Area of Operation: Anti-spinward of Trantor.

Headquarters Location: Melchior their home world. Melchior is a park lined with archologies. It enjoys a full energy economy. No one living on Melchior wants for anything.

Public Face: We are Imperial Too!

Notable Members: Cavin Deen -- First Peer of Melchior. Lives like a freaking god. He managed to play his cards close to the chest in the recent civil war and was not among the fallen.

Faran Reen -- The first Non-Anglish First Peer. He is seen as the historical moment when the Toda had "made it" as a race within the Empire.

Shana Qeen -- One of the favorite concubines of Emperor Aquaarrous. He has few, and she is one of them.

History of the Organization: The Toda were encountered as a late industrial planet in the first 100 years of the empire. The coming of the Trantorians meant a way out, a repair of their ecology, and an end to interline war. In short, wonderful in nearly every way.

The Toda took to things Anglish in a big way, so heavily that one day they looked up and their native culture was gone. They shrugged and kept doing it. At this point Anglish and Toda cultures can be differentiated only by the people making it. Imperial meta-culture has done a complete overwrite.

Toda are the second most populous species in the Empire. They have the second largest number of First Peers after the Anglish, and twice as many as any other single race. As a result they have spread the furthest of any of the Imperial races. Only the As'lan come even close.