A Trimble class

The Trimble Type Shuttle is a civilian ground to orbit shuttle. It can achieve close range interplanetaary travel (Earth to Luna for instance) but is not intended for use in this application.

It is intended for travel around a class M planet, and Ground-orbit-ground transportation. Trim ranges from very basic, like a bus to luxury models for VIP transport.

It was used in the second half of the 23rd century, making up a lot of public transportation on human worlds in the 2270s.

As it was superceded, exampless were sold off for use by private owners - some examples are still flying.

Airtram carrier

Trimble class

It's period of widest useage is from 2265 to 2300


This type is the "Airtram" from TMP. I have always liked it as a shuttlecraft - although it is never seen in this role.

I named it for the notable Trek fan Bjo Trimble.

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