A psionic discipline that can be practiced by males or females. It is a combination of telepathic knowledge of whether someone is lying combined with keen observation of that one is expected to witness. Truthtellers will say exactly what happened and what is seen, never less, never more when called to testify. They also judge disputes when asked. Truthtellers are the usual interface of the All with Outsiders when the law is of concern. Ane Truthtellers are considered as good as a verifier by the Federation Bar, the Terran Bar and the Vulcan Academy of Law.

It is important to note what a truthteller can and cannot do. They can tell if someone is telling the truth, provided the are not disciplined enough to block the light probing required. However a willing but disciplined mind is easier to examine that one that is not trained. They cannot tell the facts, only if the statement made is the truth as the witness knows it.

Truthtellers also act in the capacity of Fair Witness. They are trained to observe exactly, to report what they have sensed, and only what they have sensed. In this capacity they hear contracts, adjudicate disputes even judge criminal trials. They are as close to a formal judge as Ane worlds get. Many Truthtellers are also Seela in law.

Among Ane the Truthteller goes largely unemployed. The very profession is a reaction to outsiders. They were first seen mainly on Oz where the Aneilogs have an economy. The idea and profession spread around the Ane Confederation. They were practicing as fair witnesses on Earth in the early 22nd century. The primary use of the Truthteller is in the Grand Alliance, across the Galaxy from the Federation.

Aneilog Truthtellers commonly wear a long black vest trimmed in gold to mark them. Ane will wear a "coat" in those colors. This practice started in the Grand Alliance.

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