Type F Shuttlecraft with Guy for scale


The Type F shuttle craft was first produced in 2245, and was stamped out in the tens of thousands.

Memory Alpha Article


Type F Shuttle Craft (2245 – )

  • Length: 6.8 m
  • Weight: 17,000 kg
  • Ship's Compliment: 7 (Varied depending on internal arrangement.)
  • Propulsion: Impulse Power
  • Performance:
  • Range: Interplanetary
  • Landing/Takeoff Velocity: 300 knots
  • Atmosphere Cruising Velocity: Mach 12 (14,200 km/hr)

Not only Starships had them

It was phased out of Starfleet use beginning in 2270, but some are still operating in civilians hands in the present.


Shuuttlecraft carry people to adventure


The shuttle is a sort of "Longboat" or "Ships boat" for the starship. It allows small groups to leave the ship and have adventures away from the ship and easy back up.


Shuttlecraft away, Sir

In practice, shuttles are rarely used - the Transporter is way easier.

Shuttle galileo1

Franz Joeseph drew them for us

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