UFPC Stands for "United Federation of Planets Catalog"  the Federation's catalog of Stellar Objects

It is the Federation's basic catalog of stars, planets and other sellar objects of interest to navigators, explorers and astronomers.  Each profession has it's own, more specializeed, catalog - this one serves as a general use index.



UFPG  -  United Federation of Planets Catalog.  .

600 - for the STB 600 game

17948 -  the number of the PPlay message where you first describe the people  in detail.

A) this acts as a locator for us

B) it serves as an authentic sounding but essentially random strong of numbers for us.

P2 - the name of the planet in colloquial usage. - If the planet had a majority language, the name of the world in a transliteration of that
language might go here.

- Garry Added -

That works. 600 for the Station the ship came out of I would prefer. Add a letter in front of the number for the thread (discovering ship.)
and thread name. I don't have the Yahoo message number locally.

UFPC-600-17948-G159-Foswell 06:59, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

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