The USS Aes Triplex is a Federation Starship, Nebula Class , in the 2370s in ST-OM.

The ship appears in the Story "M5 2.0 "


Her Commanding Officer is Clark Fries. Her XO is Franklin Harrison. Among her crew are Lt Matt Dodson,  William 'Tex' Jarman, Oscar Jensen,  and  Pierre Armand  


The ship name is from a Robert Louis Stevens Essay .  However in this case it is a reference to the Robert Heinlein novel "Space Cadet

Lt Matt Dodson has a small "Speaking part" in the story.  Jarman, Jensen and Armand are not seen, although I assume they were present. 

Franklin Harrison is an original character. 

Clark Fries is a reference to Podkayne of Mars - specifically the original ending where the plucky girl protagonist dies at the end. 

In this version Podkayne dies, and Clark resolves to try to help people and become a sort of living memorial to his sister, who aspired to become a Starship Captain.  

Clark starts out a sort of sociopath. He has a profound lack of empathy. The death of his sister and his resolve to try and make good for her death, leads him to develop a sort of make shift conscience based on asking himself "What would Podkayne do?" 

Most sociopaths and psychopaths lead relatively normal lives, they form adequate or even good coping mechanisms for dealing with society.  It's the really broken ones who turn into criminals and monsters. 

Clark Fries considers most people almost uselessly sentimental, and is liable to dismiss concerns of ethics and morality as naive drivel, although he is careful to try and never do anything of which Podkayne would disapprove. 

When faced with a quick decision in a crisis, Clark Fries tends to default to the most direct path to achieve what he sees as the interests of the Federation. When faced with a pirate or raider, Fries will fire full weapons and destroy the raider,  if possible. If the raider ship survives being reduced,  then Fries might take prisoners, if he can assure himself of little risk to his crew.  

Because Fries is extremely intelligent and capable, he's risen to the status his Sister aspired to and he's doing what he feels she would want him to do  Most people don't realize Fries' mental... quirks.  

Fries doesn't get along with Betazoids or Ane,  considering them filled with fluffy Kumbya to the point of being difficult. 

Fries has an "Athenian Bush Goblin" named Ariel.  Ariel was his sister's pet.  Fries adopted the creature after the death of his sister and takes care of it.  

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