USS Canberra NCC-212Edit

Kongo NCC-180

Daedalus class cruiser

The USS Canberra was a Federation Daedalus class Starship of the 2190s

It suffered a worm hole and was dropped far, far away from home. After a decade of adventuring, the crew encountered the Zarians of Balmora fighting against the Bykaler uprising.

The Canberra crew helped the Balmorans reorganize and re-equip themselves, and in doing so, helped the Balmorans found the Balmoran Federation.

The USS Canberra NCC-212 is carefully preserved at the Balmorian Spacedock. Due to the USS Canberra being listed as missing in space her name was never reused in Starfleet.

USS Canberra NCC-101720Edit


Sovereign class heavy frigate

Built at the Oz Spacedock specifically to patrol the Balmorian sector. The USS Canberra was the first ship of the Disodium type assigned to the Balmorian sector. A frigate was chosen over a cruiser to assure the newly annexed B-UFP that even as gentlebeing as the Federation was, protection was important.

The USS Canberra has participated in the Zhodani War, and patrols of the Vargr border area as well as show the flag mission to the other Kogari powers. She is of yet a young ship and doesn't show the scars of age or abuse.