USS Crystal City Episode 616 - Unwanted Guests

This arc first posted on 7-6-2009.

In Concluded on 7-31-2009


The Federation starship USS Crystal City is patrolling the Federation/Trantorian border. the Federation ship is shadowed by a Trantorian Battleship just on the other side of the border.

then a new ship approaches the Crystal City (Abv. "CC") this is an unnamed Tranorian Free Trader Type of ship. It appraches the CC quickly, as such a raate of speed as to burn out it's engines. the ship arrives in the visinity of the CC and sheds it's warp drive just ahead of exploding.

the CC pulls along Side the Trantorian Free Trader. Aboard 42 Anglish Individuals who seek Political Asylum in the Federation.

Chief among them is Onalddai Spiritous Campus, the former Miinister of Defense of the Trantorian Empire. He comes aboard congrajulating himself on a daring tactic to escape the Trantorian BB, which was never in position to catch the Free Trader, anyway.

Also is Ohnjie Peevidi, the master of the Free Trader. He is quite Irate at Campus for ruining his ship.

Although the Crystal City is patrolling out of Starbase 603 Reliant Station, near the Planet Slisur, H2 elects to take the refugees to Oz and Starbase 600 to inflict the diplomatic mess on H1 and Adm Gensilan.

The Trantorian Empire immediately requested extradition of Campus, but per Federation Policy rhis was deined because of the Trantorian Use of the Death Penalty. The Trantorian Mission to the Federation was about to ask for Arbitration - in order to establish the legitimacy of their claim when Mister Peevidi intervenes with a complaint of his own.

Peevidi did not wish to burn his warp drives up and ruin his ship to rendesvous with the Crystal City. Peevidi complained and the Evidence showed that Campus and his retainers had taken over Peevidi's ship and gun and had forced to crew to execute the Maneuver, Piracy in High Space.

Campus was so self-Important and subject to such a delusional sense of entitlement that his defense advocate moved to declare Campus incompetent by reason of cultural abuse and commit him to a long term care facility.

Campus made the point evident by leaping across the Defense and trying to murder his Defense Advocate.

Campus was put away where he could not pose a danger to himself or others. Campuses Wife, Mistressess and Children were delcared resident refugees. They Recieve the Basic Living Allowance and must recreate themselves in the context of Oz.

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