USS Discovery NCC-71890 Galaxy class heavy cruiser. Discovery

Launched under the command of Captain Jay P. Hailey. The USS Discovery is featured both in Star Trek: Outwardly Mobile and in the Starbase 600 game.

The Discovery is considered a Galaxy block III ship having built in improvements from the first of the Galaxy class ship. The other alteration from standard Galaxy class vessels is the colony bay. The USS Discovery has a three deck high bay in the lower center of the saucer with landing craft positioned around this area (the orange circles).

Cheat Sheet for USS Discovery in ST-OM

Starbase 600 Discovery

Galaxy Ds

Galaxy class - diSodium refit GXC Heavy Cruiser. Grand Lady of the Far Sector Fleet. The Discovery is noted as being a platform to advancement. No less than three future admirals have commander her. She was the first Starfleet ship in the region and opened up Oz. She was sent in the deep unknown to plant the Howard Colony, now known to be a red herring and fools' errand, but yet Discovery accomplished and excelled at her mission. A mission the designer of which doomed it to failure. She succeeded in spite of dread conspiracies and overwhelming odds. She is considered a lucky ship to serve on.

Discovery is now a cut down Galaxy. She is re-engined with diSodium and ready to serve. By this point she is almost considered quaint in design. Her interiors are slightly frumpy by the latest standards. The bee motif she got during the Kurr refit has been maintained. In spite of the fact that the diSodium conversion ripped ten decks out of the ship filled in the colony bay and and rebuilt the entire power system.

She has octoclopes turrets port and starboard on the saucer. She has class 12 phasers and ion disruptors. Class 12 shields. Class 20 sensors. Shuttles: 30 shuttles various kinds. Captain’s Yacht

Enterprise D Scale

  • Science capacity 1500 -- Class 20 sensors. Range 100 light years, Short range 17 light years.
  • Crew Comfort 1000 -- second class Hotel
  • Duration 2000 -- More stuff, go further
  • Medical facilities 1200 -- More doctors and the ability to expand to hundreds of beds.
  • Tactical maneuvering 1000 -- Still not fast on her feet.
  • Strategic Speed 18,000 -- WFd 8 cruise, WFd 9.5 flank. 18 light years a day cruise
  • Defense 2000 -- Multiuphasic layered shielding.
  • Offense 1800 -- 18 torpedo tubes, 400 torpedoes 100 probes, full coverage type 12 phasers, ion cannons ,
  • Versatility 1000 -- Do everything go everywhere.
  • Internal Security 2000 -- RI monitored internal security.



  • CO: Captian Hikaru Sulu male Human -- Sulu (A) in Starfleet records is an alternate universe origin version of the famous Starfleet Capitan of the Excelsior in the 23 century. A golden voiced, intense man that wants you to think he is inscrutable. Those that know him know better. No one doubts his ability.
  • XO: Commander Nyota Uhura, female Human -- Uhurua (A) in Starfleet records. She is an alternate universe version of the heroic defender of Kalatine. A woman of noted energy and focus she can draw in a room with a few words and multiply that energy back.


  • Opps: Lt. Commander Jezen Kaden male Olympian -- Mr. Action. Kaden is noted as someone willing to wrestle alligators at 5 to 1 odds and expect to win. The man sleeps furiously. As he is still alive it must be working for him.


  • CENG: Lt. Commander Zamay Wayfar. male Zhurfer -- Talks like a brain dead stoner. Listening to him explain complex technical matters can cause your brain to break from the dissonance...dude. He knows his engineering, if you can get passed the way he talks.


  • CS/T: Lt Commander Kendia Ritt female Uhptite -- brittle, humorless, logical. Junior officers (out of hearing) speculate that her lubricating fluids are changed every 1000 hours and she gets dusted every night. She is precise and her security teams are trained to the top of their form. She recreates by the numbers.


  • CMO: Lt Commander Pana Ming female Zarian -- Yes, she is Ming the Merciful's sister. Mad medical science edition. She prefers to be well away from the palace intrigues and her bother likes it that way too. She stokes the mad science reputation for the humor but is a serious do good doctor.
  • Ship's Counselor: Lieutenant Gendalan female Ane -- One of Starfleet's fuzzy moms. It works. She and her bondgroup of 4 are the mental health anchor of the Discovery.


  • CSO: Lt Commander Delfilan female Aneilog -- An intensely curious woman that will try anything once. She is prone to experimentation by empirical experience. She battles with the Aneilogs lack of a personal space censor. Her friends have gotten use to it.
  • Lt. Devban male Ane RI -- One of the few male RIs. He is a math and physics specialist. He has a sideline of hopeless romantic and is popular with female crew. He drives both an Aneform and an Aneilog.


  • 'Spec. 'Zaron' 'DeBleaux - Zarian Male,  from the Kogari region.  Left to escape political changes.  Has a handlebar mustache an aggressive beard.  Wants to dress like Captain Morgan.  Ritt Tolerates him because he is a superior phaser slinger.  Working on gathering the qualifications to apply for officer's school. Always looks first for a rope to swing from, and his buckles are thoroughly swashed.
  • Spec. Kambal Zoloran - Tanaki. Male  A big green wall of a guy. Younger than he seems at first. He's a Starfleet fanboy and made of squee to be serving with Captain Sulu and Commander Uhura.  he was a small person when his family moved into "Federation, Inc"  He is culturally Tanaki/Federation. His father was a Tanaki Sportsball star before Kambal was born, an now works as a Sportsball commentator, something which impresses other Tanaki much more than Kambal.  (Note, this family moved to Federation, Inc to access Federation Medical technology.  Now Hopakris Zoloran is also an official spokesman for Federation, inc and the voice of their videos explaining just what the Federation is and how it works.  The Move saved Mr. Zoloran from descending into brain damage)