Nebula-class Exploratory Cruiser. The Nebula-class Exploratory Cruiser is a close "relative" of the Galaxy-class Explorer, as can be seen from even a quick visual examination of the two ships. The Nebula's saucer section, nacelles, and main deflector (among other systems), are all identical or strongly similar to those of the Galaxy-class,

One significant physical difference between the two ships is the Nebula's aft dorsal sensor pod. The pod can be configured for other uses as well; for example, a Tactical Pod might include two phaser arrays (or pulse phaser cannons) and two torpedo launchers.

The Nebula class isn't quite as expensive to build or to run as the Galaxy class.

Uss sutherland

This ship was the setting for my 1996 USS Endeavor Role Playing campaign as well as several ST-OM stories - this is Jay as the GM.

  • Brief description of ship: To the Galaxy as the Miranda is to the Constitution.
  • Campaign role for the ship: To carry the PCs into trouble
  • Fleet role: Workhorse large cruiser
  • Age: Less than 1 year in first story
  • Built:2370
  • Length: 442.3 meters
  • Beam: 318.11 meters
  • Height: 130.43 meters
  • Decks: 28
  • Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.) The Endeavor quickly acquires a double sized arboretum
  • Equipment Quirks and Problems: None - a brand new ship off the ways
  • Equipment Advantages: As a brand new ship, she performs up to specs easily and can exceed them.
  • Shuttles, number, any odd ones? 12 shuttlecraft, 6 shuttlepods, Areowing Yacht
  • Notable Previous Crew: The crew in the first story is her first crew.
  • Primary Power:  An advanced Starfleet matter/anti-matter reactor
  • Secondary Power:  A robust and reliable Starfleet Impulse Power system
  • Primary Weapons:  2 Torpedo launchers, fore and aft, capable of firing ten torpedoes per salvo
  • Secondary Weapons:  Type 10 phasers covering all arcs
  • Service History  This ship directly replaced the lost USS Zaire
  • Crew/Passengers/Evac: 750/130/9,800

Command Staff:Edit

  • CO Kevin T. Mitchell
  • XO Miriah Katasai
  • OPS Brekka Di
  • SEC Erico Watabe
  • CENG Genevieve Quest
  • CMO - Starcloud-to-Ennienen
  • CSc - Paul Durango

Other CrewEdit

  • Ikki Mini Penu Becomes Counsellor
  • Matae of Vulcan, 2nd medical doctor
  • Joe-The-Scan
  • Cortin Zweller
  • Ensign Fabio
  • Alpha
  • Zorn
  • Mikki
  • William Stroud Takes over as XO
  • The Warrior Patton takes over as Chief of Security
  • Mu Leone
  • Sarah Flynn
  • Medical Crewman Plasthaka
  • "The Admiral" a Terran House Cat

Enterprise-D ScaleEdit

On a scale of 1 - 1000

  • Science capacity - 750 (Depending on Pod equipped and scientists embarked)
  • Crew Comfort - 1000
  • Duration - 750
  • Medical facilities - 1000
  • Tactical maneuvering - 1000
  • Strategic Speed - 3000
  • Defense - 850
  • Offense - 850 (Depending on Pod Equipped)
  • Versatility - 850
  • Internal Security - 1000
  • Sensors - 850/1175 (Depending on Pod equipped)

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