Note: the prefixes of ADF and USS are used interchangeably on Ane ships depending on the command they are under. ADF for the Ane Defense Forces and USS for the Federation Starfleet. Neither is ever painted on the hull.

ADF Rengal CT-23Edit

Euphrates class heavy transport

Euphrates 2280

Euphrates class ship Launched 2301. Lost 2317 destroyed 2367 in service. Part of the Horned Fleet in Starfleet. The Rengal was named for the Rengal River on Andor.

The Rengal was lost with all hands in a time fugue and later recovered by the USS Discovery nearly a thousand light years from her last known position, and with 50 years missing from the clocks. All biological life forms had been pulped to jelly. Only the three RI computers survived, one of these being Gensilan the ship RI.

The swirly thing that had dumped the Rengal then detonated threatening both ships. With the aid from Rengal's engines in overload and her tractors linking the two ships as one Gensilan got ahead of the wave and threw the Rengal into the shock wave breaking it and saving the Discovery. The Rengal was totaled in the process.

The USS Discovery stripped the wreck for its own survival at the urging of the remaining crew (the 3 RIs). The Rengal was abandoned in deep space.

Twenty years later the hull was recovered due to unusual events with Admiral Hailey and Gensilan both experiencing dreams of an event during the Cardassian war, events neither was involved with. This lead to the recovery of Tengrenban who had teleorted off a Cardassian ship at warp and Charlie Armstrong the Human that was with him. Their essence was trapped in the Rengal as it passed out of time through the space they where in when Tengrenban violated space time in a violent way.

After recovery the Rengal was recycled.

ADF Rengal CS-46Edit

Tigris class science cruiser


The new Rengal has yet to make much of a name for herself.

The Tigris is the diSodium replacement for the aging and slow Euphrates class. The Tigris is built to perform the job the Euphrates came to perform, the dedicated heavy science ship. Only she will do it without having a big target painted on her hull. Numbering will be in the CS-XX range the Tigris CS-66 is the first of the class. A Fleet version of this class is being discussed.

The Tigris is a direct replacement. As new Tigris class vessels come on line The remaining Euphrates class ship will be decommissioned and scrapped. Tigris class ships will be available to universities and private expeditions for lease as were the Euphrates in their latter years.

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