The ships named Republic

USS Republic NCC-1371Edit

1mppSTFedConstitution early

The USS Republic NCC-1371 served from 2229 to 2257. "Major" refit in 2245. She began her career as one of the queens of the fleet and ended as a tourist attraction.

The explanation for the low number being that just prior to the Four Years war the Baton Rouge class USS Republic went into the dock, and the Constitution class Republic came out with just enough of the old ship still in it to retain the number. Engineers joke they unbolted the Captain's chair and slid a new ship under it. It's not far from the truth. What started as a refit, ended as a total rebuild that left no bolt unturned. In the records it's one ship. This kind of "refit" would later happen to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701.

The USS Republic served through the Four years war with distinction with "Fightin' Joe Marshall at the helm. She was present for the Relief of Anaxar and the later treaty talks on that planet. During that time an Ensign James T. Kirk served on board.

In 2257 she was critically damaged against Orion pirate battle cruisers against six to one odds and due to the brave ingenuity of Her Commander and crew prevailed. However the damage was sufficient to eventually strike the ship from the rolls some ten years later. She never was refit or truly repaired.

In 2269 the ship was opened to the public as part of the Starflight Museum. A permanent part of the Starflight Station and no longer space worthy.

Epiphany Trek AppearancesEdit

List of CaptainsEdit

  • Capitan Ingrid Carmickle -- First Capitan
  • Captain Keletos Ackkamar -- Andorian, a fairly successful experiment.
  • Captain Joe Marshall -- A legend in the fleet and Hero of the Four Years war.
  • Lt. Commander Jerold Ryan LaSaille -- Gained a Federation Medal of Honor, and decommissioned the ship.

  • USS Republic NCC-1914Edit


    Enterprise class heavy cruiser. Once it was finally admitted that the old Republic was not going to be repaired the name was placed back in circulation. The vessel served with distinction for 50 years.

    USS Republic NCC-10530Edit


    Ambassador class heavy cruiser Severely damaged in the Cardassian War and decommissioned. James Timothy Kirk served on the Republic in that final battle. His fiancee was killed in the action.

    The hunk of the Republic was later used ot repair her sister ship the USS Kongo. She was struck from the rolls at that time.

    USS Republic NCC-23137Edit


    Nebula class heavy cruiser Recently retied to planetary defense with the DiSodium vessels coming on line. She was judged too used up for an upgrade.

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