Manta 2358 As built

Manta class heavy frigate She has served in the core on Several borders. She was one of the vessels on the Builder Squadron that made contact with the enigmatic Builders.

  • Dedication Motto: All who Wander are not Lost.
  • Ship's Crest: A white manta ray in silhouette, the mouth facing up and to the right (as viewed) with the numeral "3" in red. Ane don't "get" the Ship's Crest program and have been singularly uninspired in their crests. All manta class vessels share this crest with only the number and possibly the color being different.
  • Hone Port: North City, Association

Service HistoryEdit

Manta 2395
  • 2368: The All receives a message from the mysterious Builders requesting aid. They reply sending 3 ships, including the Searcher, across a 1000 light years of space, a one year trip one way. She returns safely two and a half years later. (The Word of the Builders)

The Searcher got the DiSodium upgrade when it became available .

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