The USS Shikhar game is part of ST-OM

It featured the Adventures of the Excelsior Class USS ShiKahr . The game was started and orginally run by Jeramie Postelwaite.

The Game ended with Jeramie's departure, but was resumed by Garry Stahl .

The ShiKahr game ends with ST-OM "Rondo in Green" - In Epiphany Trek , Li'ira and company were transferred to the Ambassador class USS Abraham Dannon . In ST-OM they were transferred to the Intrepid class USS Cincinnatus to rendesvous with the USS Discovery and facilitate her return to Earth.

Command staffEdit

  • CO Li'ira
  • XO Suval of Vulcan
  • OPS Tandala MacBier
  • SEC Garan Draxil
  • CENG Byrdy
  • CMO Sunshine of Askene
  • CSc Crystara Acnapma


Brett Tyson,  Helmsman.

Brief description of ship:Edit

A federation Excelsior class starship (Enterprise B configuration)

Campaign role for the ship:   Vehicle to get the PCs into trouble.

Fleet role: Medium Patrol Frigate

Technical DetailsEdit

Age: 70 years

Built: 2305

Length : 467m 

Beam : 185m

Height : 100m

Decks : 28 

Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.):  The ShiKahr has recently been upgraded to the final configuration for front line Excelsior class starships.

Equipment Quirks and Problems: The ShiKahr has been refitted from "Borrowed" parts, from other classes of starships.  Her hull is old, armored, and not terribly amenable to changes.

Equipment Advantages: The ShiKahr has new sensors, weapons, computers and shields.

Shuttles, number, any odd ones?

1 type F Shuttlecraft

2 Type 7 Shuttlecraft

3 Type 6 Shuttlecraft

5 Type 15 Shuttlepod

5 Type S-2A Bee Workpod

The type "F" is a TOS style shuttle, recovered from the USS Defiant, and owned by Bydry

Notable Previous Crew: None established at this time

Primary Power: The Shikahr uses an advanced Starfleet Matter/Anti-matter reactor.

Secondary Power: The ShiKahr has a robust starfleet Impulse power system.

Primary Weapons: The ShiKahr has photon torpedoe tubes fore and aft, she can fire eight torpedoes in each direction at once.

Secondary Weapons: The ShiKahr has type IX phaser banks in partially collimated banks covering all angles.

Service History 

The USS ShiKahr was built in 2305

Li'ira and company took command of the ship in 2372.

Crew: 290,   3,000 evac.

Enterprise-D ScaleEdit

  • Science capacity - 675
  • Crew Comfort - 500
  • Duration - 500
  • Medical facilities - 650
  • Tactical maneuvering - 2500
  • Strategic Speed - 875 Normal Cruise: wf6 Maximum Cruise: wf 9 Maximum Rated: wf9.4 for 12 hours.
  • Defense - 950
  • Offense - 950
  • Versatility - 185
  • Internal Security – 750