The TrekCreative wiki is a smorgasbord. All ideas are welcome. We ask that a few simple rules are followed.

We are here to have fun, to gather our trekrical stuff together to enjoy. Use the wiki in that spirit.

Label your workEdit

Use the categories. Create one of your own. Don't be shy about using as many as you feel it needs.

Before you create another category, see if one exists.clicking on the "Categories" tag will take you to a page that lists the ones that exist. Try to avoid fragmenting a subject. I spent an hour merging the "politics" and Political units" categories for example.

Use categories on pictures as well. We didn't. There is a huge backlog on this matter.

Conflicting InformationEdit

The rule is everyone's ideas are equally good, and no one view of Star Trek is correct over another.

If you run into a circumstance where your view conflicts with someone else's view the correct method is to split the article by adding headers to separate the areas. Examples of this would be the Starfleet article, the Federation article and others.

Place things in alphabetical order. Athena comes before Epiphany Trek comes before Outwardly Mobile. "Star Trek" in the title is treated like the article "the". No pissing matches over precedence.

Under no circumstances do you remove someone else's view and replace it.

Errors of FactEdit

Some articles are factual. Articles on specific publications for example or biographies of real people. If you find an error of fact by all means correct it. Say why in the discussion part of the page.

Stuff from other placesEdit

TrekCreative is not the only Star Trek wiki by far. Memory Alpha and Beta, Expanded Universe and more. If you find a good article on the subject in one of those, just link to it. Don't lift wholesale. If you want to make substantial changes, lift away.

Links to outside sources are not the Great Satan. They do not have to be relegated to the bottom of the page, sprinkled with holy water, or ringed with garlic. If you used an author's name in a article, by all means link it to their web page or wikipedia bio.

Style and formatEdit

Monobook -- We suggest you use it. The wiki was first formatted under monobook and looks best in that skin. It isn't as fancy, but it is more functional, the window not being a fixed width.

This is not Wikipedia. It isn't Expanded Universe either. We don't do edit wars, we don't care about a specific unified writing style. In fact, we specifically recommend against it. This wiki was started because Expanded Universe is run by edit nazis.

Write your articles your way, format them as you see fit. (Please do not abuse white space, it's in therapy already.) It is preferred that you use grammatical English. It is suggested that corrections for spelling and grammar are always in order.

To that end respect someone else's stylistic approaches. If they undo your corrections for spelling and grammar, it was for a reason, drop it.

Tesral (talk) 19:06, November 11, 2013 (UTC)

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