Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Epiphany Trek game

Number of Members: 700,000,000

Nature of Members: Green Orions

Organization: House and super House.

Relative Influence: Minor

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Practice Green culture free of the shackles of slavery.

Relative Wealth: One planet.

Group advantages: Free to be themselves.

Special Abilities: The super telescope. Present on the world is a subspace telescope of stunning capacity. The colonists have been able to maintain the telescope and it has made them aware of the greater galaxy even if they had no ships. Who built the telescope is unknown.

Group disadvantages: It is pot easy being Green when other Orions are around.

Those who favor them: UFP

Those opposed to them: Gold Orion controlled worlds. Verdan represents a tell on the big lie that Greens need to be supervised.

Area of Operation: 6.2/-15.45 Near Kliges'chee implosion zone.

Headquarters Location: Crashlanding City, Verdan

Public Face: Hey, let's dance.

Notable Members: Mona -- Alpha of Alphas. She chairs the Council of Alphas, as close to a central government as the planet has. A woman that plays her cards close the chest. Likes Li'ira, wants many more like her.

History of the Organization: A world founded by the (controlled) crash of a Great Orion slave ship. The only females on the ship were Green so the population of the resulting forced colony is Green. Due to the presence of Green males it isn't 100% female. They have one of the highest rate of true sexual reproduction of any Orion world. Boys are 30% of the population.

In the several thousand years since the crash the Greens had full unsupervised ability to pursue Green culture as they saw it. What came out is not identical to the Oz Green viewpoint, but you can clearly see the common roots.

Verdan has applied for Federation membership on the basis of being quite aware of warp drives but not having the industrial base to build their own ships. A provisional Membership has been granted while the process is underway. Gold panties are in some very tight and uncomfortable bunches.

The origin of the super telescope is being explored. Further archeology is underway and sites have been located.

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