Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: USS ShiKhar game

Number of Members: Several thousand

Nature of Members: Orions and humans mostly.

Organization: Orion House with an overlay of Federation corporation.

Game Role: McGuffin

World Role: Make money for themselves.

Relative Influence: Minor, a mid level shipping company out of a minor colony.

Public or Secret?: You can't get business if you are secret can you.

Publicly Stated Goal: Make money

Real goal id different: Recover the world of Verdan

Relative Wealth: Minor, a mid level shipping company,

Group advantages: An open and progressive business model that is taking the best of both Orion culture and Federation meta culture.

Group disadvantages: Opposed by Kraus Verdan who really wants the inconvenient brother dead.

Those who favor them: The Federation Council, people that want things shipped. Recently freed Green Orions.

Those opposed to them: The other Verdan House in the Orion Colonies.

Area of Operation: Federation wide.

Headquarters Location: New Bristol, Standish Colony

Public Face: The progressive face of Orion culture.

Notable Members:

  • Genalin Verdan Gold Orion male -- Genalin was driven out of the World of Verdan by his younger cruder and less scrupulous brother. Genalin is a highly progressive Orion that not only treats other races as equals but treats Greens that way too.
  • Amanda Green Orion female -- "Green animal woman" Company social director and Genalin's main squeeze.

History of the Organization: Genalin Verdan was driven off his world by his brother in a typical Orion house faction fight after the death of the Patriarch that typically kept the boys controled by keeping them at odds with each other. Kraus Verdan won by making promises he really could not afford to keep. However Genalin Verdan wasn't killed as planned, he got away not just away, but with resource as well.

Seeking decent place to set up and take stock Genalin Verdan settled in the growing Standish Colony. They needed a firm business base to grow the colony.

Verdan House is one of the end points for the Zalquat Mining Guild, taking in Greens from the Far Sector.