The Vestar are a race of former would-be conquerors, who have been brought low by the forces of nature. They are Native to the Planet Tsuchi


Tall gracial plantigrade five digit rubber heads. Very heavy on the ectomorph body types and medium is the heaviest frame they have. Mammals with the usal parts in the usual places. Males have internal bits. Females have breasts but tiny unless they have nursed. A maiden has little more tit than a boy. A to B cups are the sign of a mother. They have fluffy eyebrows.


Due south of Oz and then over to the left a slight nudge. Not far from Freehold and Starbase 613


The Vestar were powerful and arrogant. They tended to throw their weight around, to the detriment of their neighbors, such as The Squcur

When Tsuchi developed an uncontrolled mantle plume eruption, the powerful Vestar culture was laid low. They have suffered a mass extinction and a civilization collapse - leading to their world now resembling Mad Max buried in ash.

Tsuchi has two working Arcologies left - Arc1 and Arc2. Arc2 is the central node of the evacuation effort.

Arc1 slammed their doors shut and shot refugees - they are doing well for themselves, since they aren't overburdening their carrying capacity with extra refugees. They were brought to the party with a well placed phaser shot to the fusion power relays. They don't like it, but they are helping now.

Arc2 is a much more reasonable group to communicate with and much more goal oriented towards getting every survivor possible to safety. The are grimly determined ot save all they can.

Other refugee camps and outposts are described as Mad Max-villes. The civil collapse and resulting chaos have not been kind, nor are many of the surviving Vestar. Their friendliness to inquiry varies from; "What do you want?"; to shooting at you and they might ask what you want. Those at least willing to talk are being help with material aid until the can be evacuated.

The general decision has been to leave Tsuchi to work out its problems with little more than a science staff in the one functioning archology. The Federation has offered to man the station. Mantle plume eruptions in progress are difficult things to find.

Evacuation Efforts: Edit

The Vestar have been evacuating refugees ever since with every vessel they have - a number that has decreased over time, until, at present, they are on their last one, a tired beyond reason battleship.

The Federation has stepped in to assist the Vestar and hopefully influence their culture away from a violent relationship with neighbors. The Federation is using Ane designed transports to assist with evacuation of survivors, build up of the colonies and assistance to survivor communities on Tsuchi.

The Vestar have three viable colony worlds, called

  • Kor1
  • Kor2
  • Kor3

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