Encountered by the USS Abraham Dannon NCC-79546

  • Location: A star cluster of 6 class M planets around three stars. (-19.5/-22)
  • Races Present: Naano Humanoids on average 1.5 meters high and built wide. The average one out weights a Human. Slabs of muscle. They are extremely belligerent and seek to fight anyone. Any excuse or reason they can manufacture. However they do not seem to be suicidal.
  • Tech Level: 14. Ship technology is at class 7.
  • Politics: The government is a Oligarchy and male dominated. It is reigned over by a figurehead monarch.

    The Familial Covenant has figured out there are 11 major houses in a constant state of near or actual warfare with each other. Both with ships and face to face. Fights seldom ramp up to full war and settle out after a battle or two.

  • Religion: The only religion looks to be that of the State. Patriotism being a required virtue.
  • Notes: The natives, never physically contacted claim a huge border and according to the neighbors, the Familial Covenant they love to fight. The Dannon's experience bears that out.

    Most vessels fall into the 150 meter rage and would be considered medium frigates based on armament and tech level. They have a lot of them. Crews number about 140.

    The Computer core captured was highly informative on their technology and at least the culture of the ships. There was no equivalent of the Federation database. The technical data needed to run the ship, navigational data, intelligence on possible foes and entertainment. the action adventure, and pornographic schools being the most common, especially porno action adventure.

    Long range subspace diplomacy has generally boiled down to every offer being answered with "Come say that to my face...asshole."

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