Yet Another God Like Alien A standard fan initialism for the proliferation of alien beings with god like powers. Everything from Apollo in "Who Mourns for Adonis?" to Q and countless between. Most are either insufferable or incomprehensible.

An attempt at a List


Starbase 600 game Benevolent energy beings from the coreward side of the Trantorian Empire. Unlike many energy beings they make the effort to interact with material creatures and enjoy the interaction.


Star Trek TOS: Who Morns for Adonis. Late Greek god. Likely one of the least powerful of the bunch.

The Creator

Epiphany Trek. Mysterious maker of the Ane. the Creator, no gender is spoken of, did a download of all the Ane had thus learned, said "Good job, carry on." So far our favorite YAGLA.


Epiphany Trek Faan is a fan of the Human author Robert Heinlein. It made a duplicate of Earth as it was circa 1932 and added a bias for Heinlein type competent people in the United States and waited to watch the Heinlein like tales emerge. The law of unintended consequences hits even YAGLAs. The world turned out differently. It is a Federation protectorate due to the Ane that Faan put there as well. Section 28 and Federation Inc. are working hand in glove to deescalate the tensions. Add clueless to insufferable.


Star Trek - Outwardly Mobile: The Harmon, The Dreamer. Neurotic god like aliens. Can we have the insufferable ones back please?

These are seen in the Epiphany Trek canon as well.


Star Trek TOS Arena. Might be sub-YAGLA, but certainly powerful. Place them in the insufferable category

Orbos: Mister Star, Sir

Starbase 600 game A sentient star that creates space-living life and can hide itself from all sensors. Off the scale telepathic powers. Likely a low end YAGLA, but nothing to piss off.

This one is a Federation member. Why we do not know. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.


Star Trek TOS Beings of light seen in "Errand of Mercy". They have the power to stop starships. They appear as the low tech inhabitants of a "primitive" world.


TNG, DS9, VOY: Several episodes. Mainly insufferable busybodies.


Star Trek Animated: How Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth Another ancient god upset at being ignored.


Star Trek TOS: Charlie X It seems they still use ships.

Squire Trelane

Star Trek TOS: Squire of Gothos Insufferable. Moves planets around. Believed in some corners to be an inmature Q.