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Number of Members:

Nature of Members:

Organization:More Monarchy, less Constitutionalism.

Game Role:

World Role:

Relative Influence: The Zarioan Empire is historical. However it continues to influence modern politics as several political bodies claim right of rule being the heirs of the Zarian Empire.

Public or Secret?:

Publicly Stated Goal: Lie here and molder in History books. This in spite of various parties claming to be the next rise of the Zarian Empire.

Relative Wealth:

Group advantages: A good talking point

Special Abilities: Anything you wish to claim in terms of a Lost Age of Glory. as it cannot be contested.

Group disadvantages: Like, gone man.

Those who favor them: Various parties attempting to use them as political leverage.

Those opposed to them: Those being levered against.

Area of Operation: The Zarioan Sector, centered on Balmoria.

Headquarters Location: Balmoria at the height. CVarious places now

Public Face: A Lost Age of Glory

Notable Members:

History of the Organization: The Zarian Empire is a constitutional monarchy which formerly ruled The Balmoran Sector. Imagine Queen Elizabeth and her court with Starships.

The Glory of the Zarian Empire has all the shrill claims of territory and right that one fines in the 21st Century Earth middle East. with truth being the first causality. Various houses have legislated against any version of the story that differs from their version of the story, the facts be damned.

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Jayphailey 10:18, December 20, 2009 (UTC)

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