Zeon is an inhabited planet with a ring system in the M34 Alpha star system. Zeon And Ekos the two class M planets in the system. The total population of the two planets was 16.1 billion.

Daras of Zeon, a Zeoni Agent working on Ekos is 2268

Zeon is further out from its primary than the sister planet Ekos. It is the homeworld for the Zeons, a humanoid species.

In 2268, Zeon was briefly endangered when the Ekosian National Socialist Party Nazi regime planned to attack it with a fleet of manned and unmanned weapons. Promoted as the "Final Decision", the attack was barely averted by the crew of the starship   USS Enterprise NCC-1701, working with the Zeon and native Ekosian anti-Nazi underground resistance. (TOS Patterns of Force)  

After the close call in 2268, Zeon became a staunch Federation ally and later member world. Zeon has tough and dedicated defense force.  Zeon has a few modern Starfleet ships and several older ships that have been modernized.  Their sentimental Favorite is ZDF James T. Kirk, a modernized Constitution class Starship.
Izak abd Davod

Izak and Davod, two Zeoni agents working on Ekos is 2268

Ekos and Zeon maintain a tense neutrality towards each other in their home system.  Neither wants the devastation an in-system war would entail.  But that war is what each side primarily trains for.

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