Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Mentioned by Iben Howa's Happy Home

Number of Members: 14 billion

Nature of Members: Mammalian speces some 1.5 meters tall. They are "blessed" with a short gestation period, four months. Abet it is one at a time. Females are the very image of the fertility goddess and makes are fireplug hunks. Like Green Orions Zoowht appeal almost universally to humanoid mammals as desirable sex partners. Unlike Green Orions they are not possessed of parthenogenesis. They are not cross fertile with other races.

Organization: Super tribe.

Culture: The Zoowht are considered sex crazed monsters. They will have sex at he drop of anything and are highly fertile to boot. They only recently developed anything resembling birth control.

Zoowth gather in large family groups in which 10 to 20 adults form a communal household. Less than ten is not considered a viable house. More than twenty and you need name tags. Children engendered (plenty) are cared for communally as well.

Game Role: Victims of circumstance

World Role: Life baby.

Relative Influence: Minor, a sub galactic species

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Expand.

Relative Wealth: Minor, they are clients of the Trantorian Empire.

Group advantages: Fast breeders, and enthusiastic about it.

Special Abilities: Is sex a special ability? Zoowhts will do it with anyone, and as often as you like. They might be one of the horniest races in the Galaxy and one of the least cross fertile.

Group disadvantages: Did I mention fast breeders? Their world is over populated and on the verge of collapse.

Special disadvantages: The Trantorians are taking ruthless advantage of that.

Those who favor them: People wanting cheap slaves.

Those opposed to them: People wanting decent wages,

Area of Operation: Trantorian Empire

Headquarters Location: Zowgert -33.15/-5.7

Public Face: Hardworking, sex crazed people

Notable Members: none

History of the Organization: Zoowht are a late industrial race that was recently overrun by the Anglish their world is a seething mass of underfed people with more on the way.

Sometime in the deep past the Zoowht dealt with a period of extreme stress by becoming super breeders. Then again the near universality of their sex appeal has some scholars beveling they are a created species. A race of sex providers. As of yet biological studies and archeology have not been conducted to resolve the issue.

The over crowded conditions of their home world make it easy for off-worlders to take advantage of the Zoowht. Many consider slavery on less crowded worlds a better life than freedom at home. Life as a sex slave? They don't even see a problem with that.

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